Thursday, August 02, 2012

Key finally shows some gumption

we have today asked the Tribunal to provide its recommendations and reasoning by 24 August

Showing the natives blackmail does not work and who is actually in charge of this country. I await the racist separatists tossing their toys, threatening all manner of court action. Bring it on, this matter needs sorting ASAP.

Keep it up John Boy. One day someone might vote for you again after your four years of pandering.


mawm said...

Maybe he's given up on pandering to the racists and now has targeted the GLBT (I can never remember how many letters there are in this alphabet soup) community as his coalition partner.

PM of NZ said...

GLBT or whatever is the flavour of the day - that's all queer any which way you look at it MAWM. The biggest laugh will be when he has to doff his cap to the nice Mr Craig.

mawm said...

The MSM will soon paint Craig as an unelectable racist, homophobic God-botherer, especially now that they don't have an ACT party on the VFRW.

PM of NZ said...

MAWM, hold on, wasn't that how Banks got elected with those credentials? /sarc

Bring the taunts on. I'm sure Mr Craig will rise above any mud slinging and with the help of a higher being, maybe actually enjoy spending his wedge buying his place at the trough.

Anonymous said...

blackmail ? Let's get a bit of exactitude here shall we ? it's brownmail.

PM of NZ said...

At least we agree on the MO there Anon.