Monday, August 13, 2012

"What will the public make of it?"

Voters today get their first look at how the MMP electoral system may change when the Electoral Commission issues its proposals

Only one choice is required for the proposed changes to our electoral system.

what will the politicians do?

... hope they will set aside protecting their own patch

Unfortunately ditching MMP is not one of the choices our political masters have deemed suitable for Joe Public whilst wallowing in the beltway trough.


mawm said...

I'm still fuming about the choice now - MMP or revised MMP. The politicians and the MSM got what they wanted. The politicians - ensuring they can keep on sucking on the public tit, the MSM - more dilution of what the public wants by the radical anti mainstream voters.

Anonymous said...

There was a vote on that at the last election. Ditching it lost. Time for you to stop whining about it maybe? Too much to ask, I know.