Sunday, September 09, 2012

New Labour ploy to buy votes

Labour would roll out free food to 650 of the lowest decile primary and intermediate schools in the country

Bit of a different ploy from the previous up front bulk purchases of KFC on election day in certain areas.

Essentially the same as KFC buzzard but in different clothes, only available in areas where the dole bludgers will thank Labour pollies with their vote.

And the unwashed masses will be ever so thankful for the pollies freeing more for booze, fags and dope.

If the taxpayer is to force feed your kids with $20 million of my money, I'd expect a massive reduction in your taxpayer funded wedge.

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Murray said...

"Free|" food? So they've found a way to make food appear magicaly out of now where?

Sweet, I do believe in fairies!