Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a Tui: "It will be spectacular!"

Half pie watching, this gem from the beltway reporter nearly wetting herself with yet another breathless live cross topping Te News;

It will be spectacular!

Simultaneous fireworks in Auckland and Wellington...

To be sure, to be sure. The only thing spectacular will be the cost of such extravagances to poor put upon ratepayers and taxpayers. All for a bloody piece of metal. Get over it.

If the overpaid pricks in the Olympic Committee who couldn't organise the proverbial to get said athelete to the starting line were paying, now that would be spectacular.


mawm said...

Yawn……….fireworks have become so yesterday. Literally money going up in smoke.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the fall of the Roman Empire. Had nothing on what is taking place before our blinkered leaders' eyes.

PM of NZ said...

And what would that be Anon?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anon, what are you getting at.
I think the hoohaa over Valerie's gold is childish to the extreme. They all need to grow up. She has the gold, she has her fame, move on!!
Mark Todd adores the same sort of adulation, if not even more so!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, that should read, Mark Todd deserves the same sort of adulation, not adores!