Friday, September 14, 2012

Where can I send my invoice?

Maori had always owned the water

Something I heartily disagree with, but bear with me if you will.

If I generate power on my property, sending any excess back into the national grid, I might get a credit on my next power bill.

In a similar manner, since the all the rain that has fallen in the past month or so has run straight off my totally waterlogged and saturated ten acres, eventually into the proven sewer that is the Manawatu River. Might I suggest, complete with added value from the 'nutrients' my dozen or so cattle have deposited on said lifestyle block.

A side note, the local regional council allows me to do this under their super expensive 'One Plan' (coming soon to all other councils I might add) detailing all facets that makeup the new religion of eco-madness like climate change effects and sustainability. They charge the crap out of me and other farmers via rate taxes for such discharges into the upper reaches of their sewer of ill repute.

Now in a guesstimate, a metre or so of water over ten acres, complete with all added extras, even with hail and snow of the past few days, must have yards of value in this free market world. After all, the natives in residence seen extremely keen to tap this this mother-lode of potential revenue streams.

I must be due some credit for my water I've supplied to flush their sewer, so which one of these plonkers gets the invoice?

Two can play the game. Be careful what you wish for!

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