Tuesday, September 04, 2012

[Updated] Unable to create new posts for your reading pleasure

Blogger has removed the ability to create new posts for you to peruse. The New Post button on the toolbar that used to inhabit the top of the blog disappeared without warning at least two weeks ago and no amount of foot stamping has resulted in a satisfactory answer to this issue.

Some nutters swimming in the ratepayer's trough from the deep south might say my being unable to post is good, but unfortunately for them,
I've arrived on a page via roundabout means where I might be able to create a post. This is that test.

Cheers to all for helpful hints. LM - have altered the raw html for the template and used an asterisk like your NZ Conservative.

It is an ongoing intermittent issue, differing browsers are affected at different times. Found some discussion here.


Lucia Maria said...

Oh dear.

Are there any new post buttons on this link for you?

Keeping Stock said...

Bugger! At least your test post has worked PM, so all is not lost. Try loading up Blogger on a differenet browser, e.g. if you're using IE, download Firefox or Chrome (or vice versa)

PM of NZ said...

LM, yes, that's exactly how I found the alternative method. Previously there was a toolbar the top of blogger blogs that had all the required buttons, including the ability to flick to other blogs for inspiration via a 'Next Blog' button.

KS - tried that, no go, always use FF here, in fact anything but IE *spit*. Have always avoided the buggy low quality MS offerings since Netscape days.

Anonymous said...

why not just delete this blog and write a best selling book instead? Lots more money in it, and you could become a household name.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, you missed the /sarc closing tag.

Lucia Maria said...


Ah, that's how I normally create new posts, through that link.

The Blogger toolbar, which does show up on your blog (and I must admit, I ignore completely) doesn't turn up on our blog. I have no idea why.

As long as you can get to the Blogger homepage, it's not such a disaster, is it?

We have an asterix on the top left of NZ Conservative, just next to my name, and under the blog name, which will get you directly to your blogger home page. You can use that if you need something to click on.

Lucia Maria said...

Oh good, you've got a way of easily getting to the blogger homepage!

So, a new post on the wind, then? :)