Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cunliffe get his horoscope read...

"F... you, man, there's no future," he said to Cunliffe

One of his constituents, most likely unemployed, reads Cunner's his horoscope for all and sundry to hear. 

angry citizen drove up beside him ... gave Cunliffe the fingers

The man who wants to be the next PM from the opulent do-up in leafy burbs of Herne Bay, Cunners was forced to cancel his yodelling to the party faithful in New Lynn.

Assembled masses hanging on his every word?  Probably just Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage and a few reporters.

Anyway the unemployed ranter had Silent T's measure.  Very accurate rants, maybe the title should read 'horror scope'.


Anonymous said...

Was the man you, PM? Do tell!!

PM of NZ said...

Not me, but I like his style.