Friday, April 04, 2014

NZ Inc opens up more area for business

A vast area of seabed off Northland's west coast has again been opened up to oil exploration.

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges announced this week that 405,000sq km of land and sea - including a barely explored 75,000sq km in the Reinga-Northland Basin - had been put up for tender to oil and gas companies.

Reinga Basin was ''virtually unexplored''

Good stuff.  Drill it, mine it, sell it!

Green MP David Clendon, however, said New Zealand should be putting it efforts into moving towards a low-carbon economy

Forest and Bird lamented what it called Mr Bridges' ''garage sale''

The negativity starts as the doomsayers and luddites climb onboard.

block offer had followed consultation with iwi, hapu

Must remember that when the taniwha puts its talons out for a future bribe.

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