Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stepping personal responsibility in the right direction, but not in an election year

An era ended yesterday. The idea that a state house was awarded to tenants for life has been consigned to history. Legislation that put an end to this idea passed through Parliament late last year, remarkably with little comment. The law came into effect yesterday just as quietly. From now on, tenants will face a review every three years to see whether their income or circumstances have improved.

Long overdue steps in the right direction of personal responsibility, but as they say, there's always more.

that no disabled or elderly will be asked to give up a state house "in the coming year" unless they wish to

Not till after we get re-elected, Paula says.

Sooner or later an elderly person is going to be evicted from a house she loves in a neighbourhood where she has lived most of her life, so that a family may be given the three-bedroom home she has occupied alone, and she will be on television

Public opinion changed long ago on cheap housing for bludgers on the taxpayer dime, but it will make good copy when someone's dear old mum is turfed out to the kerb.   It will be fun watching leftie bleeding hearts  crying a river for votes.  Bring heaps of popcorn, it will be as entertaining as watching the power being switched off for non-payment of bills on families too lazy to take responsibility for their loved ones in past years.

Hopefully the bleeding heart bleatings will be ignored when it happens.  The next big thing that will oust the Nats is its continued racist panderings to the native vote with a distinct lack of action on the headlong rush to apartheid in New Zealand.


Judge Holden said...

And to think people call rightards nasty and stupid. Where could they get that notion from, I wonder?

Barry said...

I'd love to see Key booted out for his headlong rush into apartheid. I think he acts as a traitor to NZ with his government-imposed racial discrimination in favour of part-Maoris - and his corrupt and dishonest gifts to them which he lyingly calls treaty settlements.