Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Look Mr Key, a real Prime Minister

Australia will make one of its biggest ever military purchases with a $12 billion order for 58 Joint Strike Fighters in a move that will lift the nation's air combat power to among the world's most advanced.

Pity we do not have some of those planes to make serving in the Armed Forces real for our Defence personnel.  Instead of the current RNZAF air farce taxi service.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will announce the planned purchase today in Canberra

These are the actions of a real Prime Minister, Mr Key.  One who is willing to protect his countries borders.  BTW, how's your prep work for the first boat load of the refugee seeking hordes?



Barry said...

Is NZ the only white western country which couldn't defend itself for even five minutes?

Judge Holden said...

White, Barry?

Abbott's so weird and incompetent it's little wonder you have a man-crush on him. The Australian people have realised their mistake with one-term Tony, however.