Saturday, December 20, 2014

Really? Another sister pimps the poor

A picture of a Struggle Street heifer that looks like she spends more than a few hours at the trough whilst affording to colour to her thatch accompanies the story in which she pimps the poor in today's bleeding heart sob piece from the MSM.

Some people will ask me how I can afford my tattoos, colour my hair, afford the internet or cellphone ... a diploma in social services

Can't afford to make ends meet?  Really?

I'd say another one of the leftie sisters of the wimmin-hood crying wolf , but then I'm a heartless bastard who believes in personal responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Better that she had a Diploma in Financial survival.

Jamie said...

"Gates can only eat healthy foods and this is where most of her money goes"

What the bitch ain't herd of vege gardening???

You ain't foolin no one girl. You don't get to 150kg plus eating healthy

Typical commie propaganda poster-girl

Our Country is done for!!!