Sunday, December 07, 2014

Really? Darwin nominee cashes up

Moses Tohu died after slipping and falling five metres from AE Fun Park's flying fox about 5.30pm on Friday

Tragic at first look.

Then we see:

  • Park management claimed he had been using the flying fox without permission from staff
  • had spent an enjoyable day at the venue with colleagues attending a Christmas party (no mention of alcohol)
  • arrived "as a spectator only"
  • that the flying fox was not intended to be in operation at the time of the incident
  • flying fox had been secured and the deceased had not been authorised to access it, or provided with access by park staff
  • mourning family members who called him "Uncle Mo" and questioned where his harness had been

A grieving family want explanations after a tragic workplace Christmas-party death at an adventure park in Northland


Read: The adventure park is about to be stiffed with fines and more cotton-wool regulations as the family looks for koha to assuage their grief.

park has strict operating rules and procedures for the flying fox and all other park activities to ensure customer safety

We do not believe this incident would have occurred under normal operation of the equipment

I'd say another Darwin Award nominee has just left this planet.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Finally an article with the true facts! You are right on the money with this one! Park will and already is suffering because of this! Considering flying fox is damaged as a result of this mans actions and park rep is now damaged where is there compensation??!!!