Friday, December 19, 2014

Victimising filthy drug dealers

  • had told the dealer to stop supplying drugs to the brother of a friend of his
  • dealer kept on supplying
  • man had persisted in selling drugs ... even after being warned off

Another dealer of drugs requiring an effective message to be delivered.  Something Mr Plod and the Judiciary continually fails to effectively provide.

went to the man's house, dragged him out his front door and gave him a hiding

Good.  A strong anti-drug message was delivered.  Unfortunately said deliverer of the requisite message has been arrested and jailed for breaking a few bones.

I'd say the message was properly and effectively delivered in the only way filthy peddlers of drugs would understand.  Lead ventilation by Mr Plod would be preferred in my book.

There is something seriously wrong with our sick society when the drug dealers are classed as victims!

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Jamie said...

Like his style, simple and effective


Maybe that's how this bloke needs sorting out too