Friday, December 05, 2014

Revenue gatherers do not trust modern electronics

Police will not accept GPS speed readings to contest speeding fines

GPS devices were not a certified method of tracking speed

Luddites.  I'd suspect half a dozen satellites triangulating my speeding car might be just as accurate, if not much better, as their standalone revenue gathering tools.

And I suspect that Mr Plod's revenue gatherers would readily shop you in a court of law with similar 'uncalibrated' electronic data taken from your vehicle's engine management / navigation systems if there was a chance of prosecution.

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Anonymous said...

If the GPS science driverless cars will use is accurate enough to allow us to snooze rather than drive I'm not sure why the police won't accept it is accurate per se. It makes me wonder what the cops will do for revenue when we are really driverless and all infringements and accidents will be down to failures of the technology. Tickets galore for GPS companies and car manufacturers?