Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another would be trougher dithering at the start line

I have been approached about it by a wide range of people and am currently having a think about it

Another would be trougher dithers about fronting the start line.

She's in good company, her opponent Filk Off has been dithering over announcing whether he will make the start line for months.

Anyway, you've got to wonder about this new addition to the running.  Why would she suddenly desire to move from a no doubt handsomely remunerated trough to the some say lowly paid troughs of local government?

She's possibly got all the form she needs.  Longtime a resident at two comms companies which are now worthless compared to early values, she wants to leave another that has lived off borrowed money forever.  One that has never positively made a dollar since inception with players living high on the hog.   Maybe she can see the writing on the wall.  Will Xero be Enron MkII?

As previously mentioned, this filly obviously has form utilising borrowed largesse.  And unfortunately I feel the result will be more of the same for your ratepayer wallet.

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