Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris: Time for some harsh reality

There are those among us that believe we should be tolerant of anything and everything, and that we should eliminate our borders and just let everyone roam freely as they choose, and that we should do all of this as we joyfully hand over our only means of self-defense to the people they have chosen to rule over us.

These people are utterly and profoundly wrong.

Humans created borders for a reason, and we used weapons to defend them for a reason, and we learned to be intolerant of that which threatens us for a reason. Those who believe we can just blindly disregard the lessons of history and discard the wisdom we have gained over the course of societal evolution will force all of us to relearn those lessons if we let them.

Our borders must be secure, and we must retain the right to defend ourselves and our families. Rather than creating “safe spaces” to shield our children from reality, we must teach them to deal with that reality, however harsh it might be.

ISIS does not care about our borders, nor will it obey our gun laws. These people will not respect your safe space, and they see everyone in our gun free zones as a target of opportunity. ISIS is not the problem, however, it is just the latest symptom of a problem that has existed since the dawn of time, and one that we will always have to deal with.

Evil people exist in the world, and we will either have to deal with them or obey them. That is the truth, it is reality, it is harsh, and we have to deal with it.

 We need to relearn some harsh lessons of societal evolution.

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