Saturday, November 14, 2015

Polishing turds

Various enablers, including Mr Plod calling for calm, have had a field day in the media this week. 

Always the "he was such a good boy" or "he was a doting, caring father" accompanied by the pix.

Never about the victims of their previous crimes.  This morning, another example:

Don't worry about the colour of their patch

He was getting his life on track, so that will be a loss for the gang

With the rest of the sob story on the tale of survival, he'll be canonised soon.   FFS, the criminals were on their way to celebrate at a gang pissup.

In my opinion, apart from the odd lone nutter going postal, patched gang members are our worst criminals in New Zealand.   Every single one of them has committed serious crime to gain their patch.  I do not shed one tear for them.

Turd polishing enablers within the community do nothing to get rid of the insidious scourge of gangs in New Zealand. 

Continually talking up the patched crims history, always being unwilling to ban them from the streets and permanently lock up any gang scum, they only enable the next generation clamouring to join.

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