Saturday, November 14, 2015

This is what a nanny state does in its spare time

New York City politician Mark Levine has introduced a bill to assign personal email addresses to 200 of the city's trees

would give email addresses to 200 that are notably old, tall, historical, or just plain odd.

If his bill is passed, signs bearing each tree's email address would be placed on or near them and city parks employees would be tasked with checking the trees' emails, or "treemails," if you will

With all the firewood growing in NZ, I can see the urgent need or a whole new bureaucracy to read treemail and disseminate the global warmist gospel.

NYC looking for work for their drones on the ratepayers dime. Apparently they already do it Melbourne.

Could solve unemployment. Our Labour and tree hugging greenie MPs could fill out their day rather than looking to be permanently victimised as they have this week.

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