Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Government happy to have it both ways with sin tax

The descent to a third world country continues apace as those in Oz now see the shaky isles as a source of cheap labour.
Imperial Tobacco has also said it will move cigarette manufacturing from Sydney to New Zealand

The government no doubt will reap a hefty whack of sin tax from welcoming that venture to our shores with open arms. Remind me how much taxpayer wedge has been wasted on indoctrination and social engineering attempting to make New Zealand smoke free over the past decade.

I now expect the rabid green loonies on the left to question government priorities and look to ban such a move.


KG said...

They're perfectly happy to make money from addicts, and legions of bureaucrats and assorted purse-lipped do-gooders make a comfortable living from smokers while they themselves take some imaginary "moral high ground".

Jeremy Harris said...

I heard some militant unionist on the radio talking about how bad this was - and went cross-eyed.

The workers on the factory lines are perfect fodder for unionist nutjobs, so it's in their self interest to apply a stupid tax to new members, that's without considerating the fact more employment increases upwards wage pressure, Econ 101. Why on earth would anyone want less employment in NZ, when it matches our current economic standing (especially for the legion of unskilled labourers) defies belief.