Monday, April 09, 2012

Women: Listen and obey

a bit of a sissy or you were soft if you talked about your emotions

feminine behaviours" at the bottom of the manly scale - "love, care, empathy, seeking help to deal with issues, even seeking help for healthcare

for sure then you were a little bit lacking in the man department

I say to such men, feminised metro-man will never do well in this dog-eat-dog world.

all agree on what should go at the top: men controlling women, men should be tough, men should be physically strong, they should be providers, financially successful, protectors of women, men are superior, men should always be independent and always know what they're talking about, really in control

And women should listen and obey. Harden up and get on with it.


Anonymous said...

ROFL. You really are a prize fuckwit aren't you guy? You need to get over your fear of women, or secret feelings for men or whatever it is that makes you such an insufferable neanderthal. If it's brain damage, I'm terribly sorry and carry on.

Alex said...

I can't believe these outdated and misogynistic opinions are still being expressed in the 21st century. Most people have moved on from these patriarchal ideas and realise that equality is the way forward, so if you think women should just listen and obey, you need to look around and see that the world isn't like what it was in your childhood anymore.

Anonymous said...

Poor PM hit his intellectual and emotional peak at 8 and ceased developing. Boys is tuff and girls is week. He rules his domain with an iron fist.

PM of NZ said...

Aaah, the dog whistle. Like flies to turds the commenters of note have descended. But great for the hit rate.

"Misogyny, neanderthal, ceased developing"? Must be doing something right after near on 4 decades of marriage.

Anonymous said...

"great for the hit rate."

Gee, what a sad old prick you are. Craving attention, even if it's in the form of derision. You need to get out more. On second thoughts, stay in your basement, we'll all be better for it.

KG said...

"On second thoughts, stay in your basement, we'll all be better for it."
You'd know all about sitting in mommy's basement. squeezing zits and trying to figure out how to run your own blog.