Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated: Key to reward the "bad people"? dodges bullet

"not welcome here"

Prime Minister John Key says accepting a boat load of ... asylum seekers would open the flood gates to "millions of others'' and reward the "bad people''

One wonders if the good Mr Key will welcome the boatload of Falun Gong that will arrive mid-May? As slippery Julia passes the buck.

Key's worst nightmare is unfolding in Darwin as
New Zealand becomes the port of choice for the hordes with our lax "no boats will ever get here" immigration.

Key dodges bullet as the Darwin 10 opt for an Oz handout courtesy of "we will take all comers, legal or otherwise" Julia. Soon there will be a boat, possibly rating slightly less than Cat 1, available cheaply for sale in Darwin.

A bird in the hand...

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