Thursday, April 19, 2012

Routing another union infestation

Great news!

KiwiRail is proposing to sell its Hillside railway engineering workshop in Dunedin

Another engineering institution gets the message from the market. Union infestations do not engender productivity.

Long may this new climate of union busting continue unabated.


Jeremy Harris said...

Good, maybe they'll also sell everything else unproductive they own which is basically everything but the NIMT, SIMT and Interisland ferries.

PM of NZ said...

Yes Jeremy, I'd agree. I note that nature is giving a welcome hand to rout the unproductive from the East Coast on the Napier-Gisborne line.

Jeremy Harris said...

The lefties cut off their nose to spite their face so often.

By nationalising the rail network they've made it 10 times harder for Marsden to become an alternative port to POAL. Now private investors cannot buy Marsden with the intention to dredge it and upgrade the North Auckland Line. It all relies on government funding a rail extension/upgrade.

Another generation of Aucklanders miss out on private development on the finger wharves and another generation of an unproductive rail line.

Not to mention the loss of things eco-loons love like rail freight movement and potential for increased coastal shipping.