Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bill "Antoinette" English: "They do not understand"

Commenting on the launch today of a "living wage campaign" by unions and social service groups, Mr English said he was not sure what was meant by a living wage but "of course we want to see higher incomes across the board."

"To achieve that we need a flexible, resilient and growing economy."

"You can't just invent higher wages. You can't just go and borrow them off someone or legislate them. You've got to earn them and I think most New Zealander understand that."

Concepts I heartily agree with. The unionised really need to bugger off and get a real job.

Those immortal words spring to mind - "Let them eat cake!"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah but it's not a zero budget at all.

He's borrowing at least 10 Billion and flushing at least 20 Billion down the crapper of welfare.

He's not Bill English - call him "Bill the Greek"