Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Nats: One coalition partner is easily bribed

reporter asked Key what was so tough about his job at the moment

"It's probably the Maori Party," quipped Turia.

"Oh no," said Key. "You are the easy one."

So Mr Key confirms what the electorate already knows - that the racist separatists are 'easy' meat. Able to be bribed for mere trinkets. We know that through the unholy coalition he has with them taking New Zealand headlong into apartheid. I say unholy, because it goes against what the Nats have stood for for decades. An argument I raised here earlier today.

it might be time to revise his decision to rule out working with New Zealand First

I note he is also ready to parley with Winston First. Jeez, you just cannot trust pollies not to backtrack on their word.

it's going to be a long two and a half years

Now there's a line he might not cross. A coalition with the "seriously extreme and nutty" godbotherers. Well knowing how pollies flip-flop anywhere the wind blows, at present maybe a step too far, but the urge to retain the levers of power will always win them over.


Andrei said...

This is one reason why I voted to ditch MMP.

You get policies nobody wants imposed upon you by small parties who "wag the tail of the dog"

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives are fine though, what's wrong with them? Common sense and old-fashioned. How nice!
Godbotherer is fine for me.

PM of NZ said...

Nothing wrong IMO with godbotherers Anon. Even though it might be classed a slightly derogatory term, one wonders why they always attract the ire of liberal ferals. Pity there wasn't a few more in politics espousing some family oriented principles and morals that one might vote for. Ones that might actually stick to their stated positions. The current crop of communist greens, leftie and blue-green offerings along with every second one being bent certainly does not enthuse me.

Anonymous said...

Totally PM of NZ, agreed. Key is so weak and popularity-focussed, no real ethics at all! How low we'vw sunk under both National and Labour. Yep, MMP should be ditched, but these turkeys will never vote for same. Bring back Muldoon!