Monday, May 07, 2012

"Us NZ'ers" uncomfortable with democratic possibilities

Hell hath no fury...

The fun and games of the continuing fallout from the fat Germanic type looking to have his pound of flesh, apparently for a lack of support and favours not rendered to his tastes, from a democratically elected MP is having far reaching effects.

Whilst the good Mr Banks with all his years of political experience will no doubt hang on till actually pushed, some minorities are getting their knickers in a twist over the possibility of unintended consequence.

The thought that another might be able to purchase his place at the trough be democratically elected should Mr Banks fall by way is getting up the nose of some. You see, Mr Craig has apparently some rabid puritanical types lurking in the background. And the smears have already started.

The said minorities (and ACT is a minority) do not wish to cheer from the rooftops at the prospect of ridding themselves of Banks, but certainly are not about to start cheering for the possible replacement.

A replacement that I think might have more gumption than Mr Banks. And one this New Zealander has no issues with, being very comfortable with the democratic possibilities. Time for purging a few liberal minority types in exchange for some family friendly policies.

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