Thursday, May 31, 2012

For some, hopefully this will not end well

the organisation would ask all member schools to stop working with Ministry of Education

Commissioners will sort those schools out. The writing is on the wall, breaking one of the last bastions of the unionised. Time to oust the deluded remnants of Labour voters and move to a workforce that has mandated productivity and performance targets, responsible to the taxpayer.

One can only hope that the Minister does not wither and for some this will not end well..

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Mort said...

Keyster and Hekia should give up on the class size issue, but at the same time go for their true ideal... teacher quality improvement. Sell it as a we're just trying to do our best for the kids routine, the teachers didn't want bigger classes, so we relented in return, we are demanding of them better standards....

that'll set the cat amongst the pigeons