Saturday, May 19, 2012

SFNS: Think you've problems?

A married lady of Boston (Mrs. F.) was, in 1838,
about to sign a deed releasing her dower (L. 434,
p. 295). I asked her name. Her husband said that
she used the initial A. ; but that her name was
Aldebarontiphoscofornia. This name, also taken
from a popular song, is probably the longest that a
parent ever inflicted on a child. Christmas Carrol
died at Lowell, Nov. 22, 1857, nineteen years old.
Dickens's " Christmas Carol " is destined to a much
longer life. Though length of years is so generally
an object of desire, I never met with the suggestive
name of Methuselah. Pleiades Orion Lumbkin
was a former student at West Point.

Our Puritan forefathers often used as names long
and pious sentences, and such expressions as Free
Grace, Search the Scriptures, Accepted, Elected,
Praise God, &c. Hate-evil Nutter is noticed in
our Colony Records, 1649 ; and Faint-not Wines
became a freeman, 1644. In November, 1857, Eest-
coME Case and Pardon W. (Pardon Wicked 1) Case
were parties to conveyances ; and have a fraternal
afiinity, at least in name. Mrs. Eestcome Tripp, of
Dartmouth, died Aug. 25, 1858. Miss Abovehope

Came across these gems whilst doing a bit of genealogical searching. There are plenty of others in this document. And no, none of these are rellies.

Silly First Name Syndrome was obviously alive hundreds of years ago.

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