Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another cat hater

another reason not to trust your favourite feline

Auckland University scientists have found acute toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease carried by cats, may be a much more serious illness for humans than previously thought

What he fails to mention whilst reading his news in the ivory towers of academia is that responsible owners who get their moggy to the vet have as one of their initial injections a vaccination against toxo.

Particularly rural vets who well know that cats and sheep do not mix.  Apparently the toxo cycle is completed by sheep and is a leading cause of abortion storms of lambs.

Another cat hater telling half a story.


KG said...

Interesting timing of this "news" item, innit?

PM of NZ said...

Yes KG, you've got to wonder who/what is driving the agenda.

Just like the "woe is me, won't someone think of the children?" stories on supposed child poverty of recent times just screaming out for more taxpayer wedge. As if the kids are not getting enough welfare now.

Or the fresh faced young things just out of nappies with a degree in sociology or the arts that regularly grace the pages crying "We've been at work for a week or two, so why can't we afford to live in a McMansion in Herne Bay?"

The MSM will print anything.

mawm said...

The problem with your argument is that the cat is the primary host for Toxoplasma and many cats are not innoculated against it - like all the feral cats. Also the asexual cycle can take place in any warm-blooded animal including birds and rats.

Humans can get infected ingesting anything that has been in contact with cat faeces such as imperfectly washed vegetables and water.

It sounds like cats ARE the problem to me.