Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One judge has got the message

found guilty by a jury of possession of cannabis plant for supply
had sought leniency after being "sentenced" to two years of "hapu service"

have been jailed despite also being punished by their hapu

At last!  A judge locks up bastard dope dealing criminals and throws the key away. 

Hapu service?  Code for a wet bus ticket sentence which would never be completed.  Like the other soft sentencing option of home detention.

At least this judge has taken onboard the communities message about properly punishing criminals, without pandering to their race or links to people in high places.

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KG said...

"He was particularly critical of the quartet's decision to reject legal representation during their trial, based on Maori sovereignty."
But they don't reject the dole and medical care and cars and booze, based on "maori sovereignty".
Funny, that....