Sunday, January 27, 2013

Utterly Obscene!

Probably not the right words, but it will do.

The man is not quite beset with rigor mortis, but with the number of pseudo-obituaries being written since his health apparently took a serious turn for this worse earlier this week, he might as well be.  The final thing we await with baited breath is the breaking news headline.  Utterly obscene.

Then we have these revolting pieces masquerading as news. 

The NY she-beast is still on-form here, cuddling corpses.  Anything for votes goes in this Labour puff-piece.  I wonder whose favours she called in.

Turia said Conner's refusal to let go does not reflect well on him

Along with this hypocrite of the hour.  One who is the co-leader of a political party which is hell bent on not letting go of the historical events of almost two centuries ago.  Likes the ministerial limo too much.

Unfortunately there is no rest for those in the eye of the public.

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KG said...

Dennis is right--Holmes was just being a self-promoting oaf.
NZ must be desperately short of quality journos if Holmes is held in high regard, and the fact that he's terminally ill doesn't make him any more praiseworthy.