Tuesday, January 01, 2013

QoTD: USA Collection Day arrives

elections have consequences

If you vote on the basis of receiving a slice of someone else’s cake, someone else is going to vote on the basis of receiving a slice of yours.

And guess what? Today is collection day.

Time to pay up America. The Grim Reaper heralds 2013 with a swathe of increased income tax as previous tax cuts are removed.

stolen from GG over at CR

And here in New Zealand, those that would offer similar bribes to gain the Treasury benches need to take note of the consequences of those new taxes.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever tire of being wrong about everything? I'm guessing not.

The Gantt Guy said...

Thanks for the vanity-boost, PM!

But please, anon-tard, regale us with your brilliance and enlighten me on where I was wrong.

Do elections have consequences? Of course they do. Americans voted on 6 November to become Greek. They've spent the past 10 years or so feasting on the corpse of free-market capitalism, and they're almost done. Once that runs out the troubles in Greece and France will look like a teddy bear's picnic.

Is "today" collection day? Damned straight, it is. The "deal" (read: abject surrender by the Republicans ... again) means:

(1) higher tax for 77% of households (you didn't really believe that "millionaires and billionaires BS did you?)


(2) smaller pay-cheques all round - for EVERYONE


(3) an extra $4 TRILLION of debt


And of course, all of that is *before* the horror of the Obamacare tax-hikes kicks in.

Americans are now among the highest-taxed people in the world (now that the communist Hollande's unconscionable rate has been struck down by the French supreme court). And for what? Their economy is in free-fall. The real unemployment rate remains somewhere around 17%, and it's only that low because a massive increase in the numbers employed by government are hiding the real horror. Their dollar will soon have the smell of Zimbabwe about it. And yet, they continue to vote for clowns who offer them bread and circuses.

Next up, Obama will come for their guns. That might just be the spark the People need to do something about their bloated, illegal, gangster government.

PM of NZ said...

Wrong, Anon?

Never. Always Right.