Saturday, January 19, 2013

Evil doctors, government and drug companies...

thought they had made an informed decision against immunising their three children because of concerns over adverse reactions

non-factual, emotive information from the internet stating inflated figures on the frequency and severity of adverse reactions and conspiracy theories about 'evil' doctors, governments and drug companies

At least she's admitted to not making the right decision for her children.  As an aside, I wonder if those 'adults' that were pissed and 5 up on the quad bike in Hawke Bay the other week have sorted out who's going to take the rap?
Hubby has a degree in something? Must have got that out of weetabix packet.  You'd think a degree might instil some critical thinking processes.  But, thinking about that, a whole lot of people have degrees and vote for Labour or the Greens.

The alternative to vaccinations?  Almost enough to chase you straight into the arms of those that practice the ultimate quackery, the ones that purvey the dark arts of homeopathy, being nothing but much diluted di-hydrogen monooxide as 'real' medicine.

I know which is the right answer.  Do you?

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