Tuesday, December 03, 2013

"Incompetence is not a crime"

The Auditor-General has apologised unreservedly to the people of Kaipara for the failure of Government auditors to spot an $80 million debt blowout at their local council

we found no evidence of corruption or criminal activity

Since the gummint auditors failed to spot a mere $80m incompetence, one wonders what other 'trifling' amounts may have escaped their notice.

Incompetence is not a crime

It should be. The watchdog auditors and the financial types in the council failed ratepayers miserably.  Just not good enough, someone's head should roll.

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alwyn said...

I am waiting for David Cunliffe to announce that, as soon as Labour become the Government he will order Treasury to pay out the $80 million to the Local Body involved. After all if a Government department was involved in a mess-up the state must take responsibility. He will then call in the Audit department staff and do his Corleone impersonation to make them refund the money.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.