Friday, December 27, 2013

Tui Time: 40% of Kiwis want more taxes

Nearly 40 per cent of New Zealanders believe GST should be charged on all purchases made on foreign shopping websites, a survey has shown.

The Government is estimated to miss out on up to $300 million in sales tax each year.


What would gummint do with another $300M of taxes other than waste it on benefit bludgers, 'poverty' stricken middle class families breeding on Working for Welfare or giving useless scum like list MP's and judiciary massive annual pay rises?

It's never too early for a Tui.

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Anonymous said...

I guess they'd shovel it to "Red Len"'s union mates on the Sky City convention centre, or the EMPU's mates at the Smelter, or the Journo & Film union's mates in Wellington to make Avatar. John Key. Shovelling more money to unions than Helen Clark ever did.

What's Colin Craig's policy on unions & shovelling money to companies to employ unionists?

Oh yeah - he's completely against both

Under a National+Conservative government, the PSA, NZEI, PPTA, EMPU and the rest would not be recognised. Sounds pretty damn good to me.