Friday, December 06, 2013

Kapiti Expressway: The taniwha is stressed, bribe required

It didn't take long.  Gerry only turned the first sod last week and the taniwha has awoken to the smell of money.  Taxpayer money.  Lots of it.

A Labour MP has accused Kapiti Expressway workers of being "extremely offensive" to Maori by eating their lunch at a wahi tapu site as historical human remains lay nearby. 

Bloody Labour MPs looking for traction whilst their Dear Leader is looking at a conviction for electoral corruption.

I was pretty gobsmacked by it all. People are already stressed enough.

Code for 'we want some more taxpayer wedge'.

But there's more.

Workers were assembling to be briefed by iwi and the archaeologist. We are not aware of any concerns about conduct from the mandated iwi.

As I thought, just Labour MPs  attempting to extract more taxpayer dollars in return for the local native vote.  No doubt the locals currently figure large in the expressway budget and now the taniwha requires more to go back to sleep.  Extremely predictable, I guess there's a contingency in the budget for such bribes.

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Barry said...

Back to the Stone Age with John Key!(His job was to stop all of this kind of ugly part-maori lying garbage but all he's does is make it even worse!)