Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Labia Party Pressers? [updated]

'poor at attracting talent'

Funny that a couple of days ago we get this sycophantic press release for the Labia Party new talent, one Deborah Russell.  

Then today via Silent T's alma mater if his dodgy CV is to be believed, the Harvard Business School, we get today another press release mentioning a 'researcher' and an un-named blog.

Coincidence?  Bollocks, sounds like Labia Party pressers to me.  The dearth of talent continues in the implementation of the Man-ban.

[minor correction to text]


Edward the Confessor said...

"we get today another press release mentioning a 'researcher' of same name..."

Setting aside your infantile name-calling, since when is Russell the same name as Bell? I know the right struggle with hard stuff like reading, maths, logic, empathy and all, but that one's not difficult.

PM of NZ said...

Well spotted ETC. Good see my readers are paying attention. I've corrected the text especially for your reading.

Edward the Confessor said...

Except, my idiot chum, now the two matters have no connection whatsoever, so there is no coincidence. Perhaps you should start by looking up the word "coincidence" in a dictionary (that's a big book full of fancy words) and go from there (slowly).