Friday, December 13, 2013

Nats will not be happy with result [update]

Only 44% of voters turned up to have their say in the partial asset sale referendum.  So not a massive turnout, continues to show that voters are not interested in politicking.

Apparently of those that voted, 67% voted no to the non-binding expensive $9m political stunt by the Greens, whilst the Government has said rightly it will take no notice.of the result.  Genesis remains on the block for the New Year.

No doubt every leftie who got their nose out joint over the partial asset sales made sure they turned out to vote.  The naysayers from the Labia Man Drought, the Communist Feral Watermelons, the Apartheid Maoris, Winston No Foreigners and Hone's Racist Mofos parties will all have done their duty in ticking the No box.

Unfortunately for the Nats and New Zealand, assuming a similar turnout Nov 2014, that same 67% bloc of naysayers will be looking to form a coalition of the damned.

Even worse, a good 25% of the naysayer vote came from the Nats themselves.  These traitors will be ripe for plucking in November.


Keeping Stock said...

I completely disagree PM. JUST 29% of eligible voters said not to asset sales. That's no mandate for the Left.

PM of NZ said...

Trouble is KS, not all eligible voters turn out to vote. Of late, it has only been the entitled that are sufficiently motivated.

Edward the Confessor said...

"JUST 29% of eligible voters said not to asset sales."

ROFL, fewer than 15% endorsed them. No mandate for the right. In fact a loser policy from start to finish. Poor Nats are so clueless.

PM of NZ said...

ETC, they already had the mandate from campaigning and being elected twice with partial asset sales on the table.

The only loser policy that needs terminating is the use of $9M of public monies by thieving greenie MPs to buy votes in their Politically Initiated Referendum.

Edward the Confessor said...

They might have been able to argue they had a mandate once. but now it's been roundly rejected by the electorate, I'm afraid that's now gone. Doesn't really matter, as they botched the sales so comprehensively they're wishing they'd never done them in the first place. Losers.