Wednesday, January 07, 2015

An absolute cockup in the courts

Lawyers and judges say they were not consulted about Parliament's plans to require all cases where there was an identifiable victim to be referred for restorative justice conferences.

Eh?  When did that happen? 

Parliament apparently requires that the modern crim gets a touchy-feely talk over a cuppa.  Well, you know the rest, just waiting for the dud judge's slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

It has meant that huge numbers of cases that were previously dealt with by judges on the spot now have to be remanded for weeks so that a restorative justice meeting can be held for the offenders to meet victims face-to-face

The only thing I'll be looking for in sentencing is that the scrote that crosses my path is locked up for as long as possible without any reduction in sentencing.  The last thing I'd be looking for is a meeting with his whanau saying "he's such a lovely boy, butter wouldn't melt, so out of character, victimised by colonisation".

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