Saturday, January 10, 2015

Are we ready?

Our anti-terrorism legislation failed miserably when the would be bush terrorists came knocking not so long ago.  Too scared to lock the bastards up and toss the key we were.  Might hurt their feelings!

When you've still got homegrown terrorist separatist types and assorted nutter fellow travellers ever ready to spout their evil, case in point a certain Mr Fox enlightening us with his seriously twisted worldview this week, are we ready for a fully blown Charlie Hebdo type incident when one of these nutters decides to go postal off reservation?

Are we ready for when the Islamos really come looking for infidels?

Just how is that replacement anti-terrorism legislation Mr Key?


Jamie said...

John Key is gonna protect the NZ people by stripping their rights to privacy and spying on peoples computers -

Yeah Right

ISIS is brazenly operating in the Hawkes Bay


John Key is providing material support and for a terrorist organisation


That is TREASON by law what John Key is doing


•Every one owing allegiance to the Sovereign in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New Zealand,—

(c) assists an enemy at war with New Zealand, or any armed forces against which New Zealand forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between New Zealand and any other country

For the record I am ready and am armed 24/7 - if it is a crime in my country to carry a weapon for self defence then so be it

From a disgusted young returned serviceman

F You John Key you treasonous dog

Anonymous said...

hear hear. so he is.
will all the armchair critics please get up and march?
Key the dog is a power monger,he doesn't care about right and wrong or New Zealand!!! His face says it all.