Sunday, January 18, 2015

When in Rome...

all caught attempting to smuggle drugs apart from the Dutchman

was sentenced to death for operating a huge factory producing ecstasy

Indonesia has put to death five foreigners and one local woman convicted of drugs offences

Well, they won't do that again.  A salutary lesson for those Westerner idiots who dabble in drugs, pay attention to local laws.

Pity we haven't got similar outcomes here in New Zealand for the likes of drug dealers and home grown terrorists.


Jamie said...

Agreed with the when in Rome

What right has the state to tell me, a returned serviceman what I can and can't put in my body???

And I wish the state would do their job with terrorists residing in NZ instead of protecting them


The Gantt Guy said...

Jamie, so long as the health system is a single-payer, socialist boondoggle then it has absolutely bloody every right to tell you what you can and can't put in your body.

The problem isn't that they've taken away our liberty - our rights to live and do as we please, they've also taken away the responsibility that goes along with it.

Today it's ecstasy, tomorrow it's cigarettes. Plus, alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat, bad language, chocolate, gasoline, un-educational toys and anything spicy.


Oh, and sugar. Don't forget that white devil!

Yay, free country!

Jamie said...

$$$71.90 for a pack of smokes


I've paid my dues pal

The Gantt Guy said...

Not suggesting you haven't - and sincerely, thank you for your service - but in our collectivist paradise there is no differentiation between you and some lifetime-criminal scumbag who's never worked or contributed a day in his life. Our socialised healthcare system sees you both exactly the same. So, while you've paid your dues and he hasn't, there's no difference under the law. You can't smoke a little reefer, he can't smoke a little reefer. You can't snort some happy powder, and neither can he. Because, while you're a sensible fellow and can handle it, he can't and will be a meth-addicted murdering POS within a month. You can afford to pay for your own healthcare, but because he can't, neither of you (none of US) is free.

The answer isn't drugs per se. The answer is to address the massive, bloated, suffocating presence of the government in every single aspect of our existence. It starts with the Universal Franchise. Take away the vote from people who don't contribute and you immediately remove the incentive for mendacious scumbag politicians to buy those people's votes. It starts there.

Jamie said...

Until then this returned serviceman will have to be a criminal then I guess

RH said...

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PM of NZ said...

Email away RH, noting that I only check the Gmail account for this blog once in a blue moon.