Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I know just the man...

the country's top spymaster, has unexpectedly resigned

acting director will fill in

departure will spark a search for a replacement for the top security job

Some key requirements:

  • Labour leader Andrew Little said the recruitment process must be "proper and open."
  • "It can't be shoulder-tapping the Prime Minister's mates. It needs to be done properly ... need to win back the confidence of many New Zealanders"
  • "If they wish to involve the Opposition then I think that is a sensible way to do it."
  • crucial that there is cross party support for the appointment of any future director

Going on those requirements - I know just the man. 

One investigative journalist looking for work fits the bill.  Has massive cross party support.  Well, maybe within the leftie parties.  Knows all about the darks arts of crime, spying and hacking.  And is right into dirty politicking.


Jamie said...

Don't wanna know unless it's 007

Dzmmit our nation is in grave peril and these goddam cookie cutters ain't worth shit!!!!

Jamie said...