Friday, May 09, 2008

41% believe NZ is down the gurgler

The latest from the esteemed House of Morgan on the continued and widening gap for her indoors.
Helen Clark’s Government badly trails the National Party and would lose Government if the election were now. What should concern Helen Clark is the number of electors who believe New Zealand is heading in the wrong direction — up 3% to 40.5%.

“In addition the latest Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating (released today) is at a record 92.7 (down 7.3 points).

The NZ Government must get on the front foot to save the Labour Party from Electoral defeat later in the year.

Of particular note is the 52% in JafaLand that want to see (yes, I know that is a horrible thought for those of you with minds in the gutter) her backside in November and also that
the numbers north of the Bombay's suggest it is a 3 horse race.

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