Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's too late and it's not enough

So says the next PM of NZ if he plays his cards right. Trying to gazumph Mickey no doubt as Adolf at No Minister has suggested. Even goes so far to suggest Liarbour
has been asleep at the wheel, blinded by the ideological belief that it knows best how to spend your money

You see, the future PM has, shall I say, a different but maybe necessarily conservative view at the edge of the abyss of what could be required to stay in business as a NZ battler, not as a consumer of welfare at the WINZ trough. Some, like myself, have been down this road before with interest rates in the low 20's. Ideals such as those below could also be good for you.

* An ongoing programme of personal tax cuts;

* A disciplined approach to government spending so interest rates track down, not up;

* Putting an end to the "massive" rise in head office bureaucracy and deal with regulatory and compliance issues that smothered businesses;

* An "unwavering focus" on improving education standards; and

* Investment in infrastructure that the country needed to grow.

The PM to be suggests
big economic challenges New Zealand was facing and present a serious, considered plan delivering financial security

He has all the necessary answers.
an economic plan to deliver that step change...it isn't a short-term set of band-aid solutions

I look forward to the offerings on the table and wish the next PM of NZ well. Yes the bribes so necessary to be relelected to be offered by the incumbent are too little and too late.

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