Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Companies ditching staff for sustainable climate

Companies continue to ditch staff like there's no tomorrow. I saw on TV One tonight some mussel shucker in Nelson has ditched 300 plus. That's over 1000 jobs in the past week jobs gone in unsustainable businesses under the current economic climate. Good timing on this one just after the nod for a new mussel farm came through.

I guess these
'rich prick' capitalists will have had the nod via the old boys club to clear the yards on Liarbour's watch, so maximum damage is done during the great Liarbour rout yet to come. The self-destruct internal war has just started as seen today with the veteran Filk Off having been caught inadvertently questioning her indoor's reign for life.

The new faces with the controls in the New Year can only look good as they take the tough decisions, gutting welfarism, reining in the rampant bureaucracy and bringing the economy back on an even keel.

Yes, then we could have a sustainable climate.

It is not often a cartoonist draws one on-topic for a post.

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