Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great little earner

Tomorrow, digital red light cameras are to start officially extracting revenue from those so obviously colour blind that reside north of the Bombays.
Red-light cameras are ... not about collecting fines

Yeah Right. An earlier test over 20 days revealed 341,000 red light runners. That is 17,000 a day or 12 a minute. Numbers so scary, I had to re-read the article a few times. Someone tell me I have mis-interpreted this article.

Anyway, at a fine of $150 each, these same 341,000 would earn $51 million for the council in 20 days. Not bad, for $1.6M in, over a year that could be $900 million plus. Cost of accidents $12 million over previous 5 years. Good balance sheet.

Great little earner, try to tell anyone you are not in it for revenue. As for those of you in JafaLand, keep running red lights, I can see a future with no rates.

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