Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Duck in sights of EC

Trev Mallard MP has been again caught red-handed. This time for driving his red electoral advertising wheelbarrow breaching his own parties ill-conceived EFA legislation.

He has this to say on the matter.
the van was not bought for the purpose of electioneering and was not used for electioneering

A Tui is in order. When I see any MP's shopping cart emblazoned with the party logo, it is nothing but blatant electoral advertising. Hohepa Public, while he may think Helen is Queen of the Realm, does not emblazon his vehicle with logos for other than advertising purposes, although some may use various decals to cover re-entry burns.

There is a question which the EC might ask of the IRD to settle such claims for personal usage or electoral advertising.

'Does Mr Mallard claim any work-related expenses or depreciation in regards to this vehicle?'.

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