Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Acting PM to visit Dannevegas

From the council's local rag, the Bush Telegraph, not online

by Rebekah Kingston (brand new reporter)
The Prime Minister of New Zealand will be visiting Dannevirke on the 29th of May. Helen Clarke has never been here as PM and in fact it has been many years since an acting Prime Minister has visited our town. Denise MacKenzie the Labour Candidate for Wairarapa thought it was extremely important that Mrs. Clarke came and talked to the residents of Dannevirke.

Yes, I am sure the acting PM will be positively champing at the bit to talk to the residents over a nice cuppa at Mrs. MacKenzie's small rooms on the High Street. Particularly all 466 of them wot were made unemployed today. So important that even the affairs of state could not her back.

Apart from the spelling and grammar mistakes, all the best in your new career Rebekah. Just for the future though, it is Miss Clark, she unfortunately is not acting, but the real PM for a few short months more.

I wonder will she keep to the date as promulgated or is it time for a Tui?

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