Friday, March 26, 2010

[Update] 15 years of fraud gets you only 100 hours community service

Former Immigration Service head Mary Anne Thompson today escaped a jail sentence for fraudulently using her CV to secure senior public service jobs.

What is it with bloody judges? Repeatedly commits fraud over a 15 years, pleads guilty on one to get off the other two and gets a slap with a wet bus ticket. For the MSM repeater: which one did she plead guilty to? Have the rellies who were assisted via this fraud been deported?

Should have been convicted and locked up for repeated fraud.

More scum on this saga bubbles to the surface.

Wintringham quickly walks under a cloud and replacement Prebble creates a distraction by perving at the oversized earrings and large breasts of a co-worker.

Tell me that wasn't a staged exit, managed from the 9th floor.

Pull the other one...

The cloud of corruption that accompanies the she-beast's time at the reins continues to expand.

Also Keeping Stock calls for urgent investigation of the matter

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KG said...

"Should have been convicted and locked up.."
You bet. Did you read the judge's sentencing remarks? He did everything but apologise for the fact she was before the court. And her lawyers says the $10,000 for the fine is "a readily available amount".
I bet it is, after all that time with her fat snout in the taxpayer trough.

The fact is, judges, lawyers, politicians and senior 'public servants' are all members of the same cosy club.