Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SOS: The new cause celebre?

Shellfish planted to test contamination levels in Auckland's inner harbours have revealed rising levels of toxic metals

Two articles in the same paper on the same day on the same subject by the same repeater? Must have been council press release day yesterday.

Post the dramatic failure of the IPCC in NoHopenhagen to get traction on the the false science that was GoreBull, our very own 'scientists' in local government have a Plan B
on the burner to spin for all it is worth.

But I don't think we can carry on in the same vein - not in my view and not in the view of the [other] authors of this report

has warned that rising contamination could hint at problems to come

These emerging chemicals are a cause for concern

The doomsayers are still there, just changing tack. And no doubt, looking for continued funding.

their effects are relatively unknown

I know exactly what effect such statements will have upon the cobwebs in my wallet as a ratepayer.

How long before some nutter 'legend in their lunchtime' celebrity adopts 'Save Our Shellfish' as the new cause celebre?

Seems the greenie loons that infest our councils are already there in spades.

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