Sunday, March 07, 2010

The real cost of Horizon's 'Consent to Farm'

... involved farmers in the Manawatu, ... facing new policies from regional authorities.

"In our conversations it became clear that these people are concerned and stressed about potential regulation and changes in policy,"

Farmers worried for their livelihood experienced shock, denial, anger and fear, he said, which could lead to drinking, increasing isolation and aggression.

Unchecked, it could also lead to depression and, in a worst-case scenario, suicide.

Whilst a certain green loonie has been peering into the back orifices of some Manawatu drains, taking a good whiff before making insane utterances, the true cost of the soon to be mandated Horizon's ultra expensive One Plan is revealed. Along with the never-ending stream of spin emanating from Horizons themselves, the One Plan 'is good for you'.

Nothing but
a 'consent to farm' usurping farmer's property rights which will have dire consequences.


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